Friday, 6 April 2012

Po's last supper (with us)

Clementine and Po
She'll start getting under your feet from about 5 o'clock, expecting to be fed, or even earlier if you're already in the kitchen, I told Susan when she visited about three weekends ago "to see if Po likes me". Po did like Susan, which is good because tomorrow afternoon Po is going to live with Susan  until we come back from our voyaging. But then again, Po likes almost everyone and vice versa. She has the sweetest, most affectionate disposition of any cat Alex or I have ever known. Here she is keeping Pops company during an afternoon "toes up" a while back.

Pops and Po - like a bit of toes up

Po is generally where the fun is happening. She likes people, which is not something I've heard many people say of their cats. She arrived at our house like this, four years ago.

Sam and his new animal

It's not possible to take Po with us on the boat. Or rather, it is possible but we're choosing not to do that. I've read too many books where the ship's cat disappears overboard - and I mean disappears. Gone. Unhappy ending. Because Po loves company, I've also chosen to send her to live with someone who is home during the day rather than with Freddy in Surry Hills. 

Freddy and Po like backyard beer time

Freddy picked Po up from the Gladesville Cat Rescue with me and promised to look after her should we ever go cruising. He's disappointed, but these days Freddy is a young man with great expectations, and that means he's at work all day and often out at night. Po, as I mentioned, likes her supper at around 5 pm, and regular, generous doses of attention. We hope Susan enjoys her company a quarter as much as we have, and that the legend of Po will live on in Leichhardt.

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