Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ottoman Tech Support

A blog is a bit like a pot plant. You have to keep feeding it, or it dies. Right now we're in a dry patch. Our usual sources - travel and boating - aren't open to me, and I'm not game to extend my reach any further into familial matters. Best to stick to the script, I think.

Tony's positive attitude is non-negotiable

Gillian's face is just as brave

So this is the plan. Alex leaves for Turkey tomorrow, I stay back in Sydney. If I know him, he'll be straight into the fun stuff as soon as he hits Marmaris. Enki is his playpen. He's got lots of bright shiny toys packed in his bags. Plenty to sustain his interest and that of his livelier playmates (Ottoman Tech Support is the new moniker that Ian and Cathy on Sea Cloud have given him). 

So with boat life stirring again, it seems obvious to me that he'll take over writing the blog for the next little while. I'm not sure it seems so obvious to him yet. I'll keep the comments coming, and join him when the time is right.

He's got one story up his sleeve for starters, the one about Chris Hudson (pic below).  I wonder how he'll tell it.

Old mates Nemo and Hud in Brisbane


  1. Yes, you and a few others....about time this blog got a bit more nautical I've heard. Couldn't agree more!