Thursday, 1 May 2014

Flight out of Sydney

She flies....the angel in Shelley's kitchen

Just a filler until normal - what is that? - posts resume. I flew to Turkey on Tuesday night. My daughter had asked that I trust her to look after herself. She was ready, she said.

It should have been a joy to return to Alex and to sleep aboard Enki again, but I'm worn and torn ragged by the leaving. Or rather, by the decision-making that preceded it. There was no right answer. Trust her, she said. And so I flew away, such a long way away.

We have a hurdle or two to clear before we take Enki out of her pen. All going well, she should have a clean, freshly-painted bottom in 10 days or so and soon after that, all going well (have you noticed how often I say that now?), we'll be on our way.  Some of our friends have already left the marina. Good on them. The weather is not yet stable, but May is a lovely month to be cruising in the Med. Not too hot, the crowds are yet to arrive and the odd bracing blow from the south keeps things interesting in the anchorages.

More when my heart has settled.

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