Sunday, 21 June 2015

Panama to Marquesas wrap

On our long passage to the Marquesas,  it felt as though we hardly picked up the camera. But there's enough in the selection below to give you an idea of the voyage.

Three days out from Panama, lunch is still looking fresh and simple

In the ITCZ, there was often a great cloud bank brewing

Birds often circled Enki II looking for shelter from the storm

We picked up a couple of booby hitchhikers near the Galapagos (and below)

We saw two yachts on our passage - this is Evasion, a 54 ft French ketch

Beer o'clock was impossible to miss

Before the swell came in...leek and dried mushroom risotto

Crossing the equator (and below) meant we were back in the southern hemisphere 

Pleased about that!

We picked up favourable current and trade winds at about the same time

Sometimes the sun set spectacularly, but mostly not...

We made water regularly, and twice ran the washing machine 

There was a daily flying fish harvest off the decks

The NZ-flagged ketch d'Oude Liefde did a mid-ocean drive-by

We compared notes on the radio with Gerard and Rebecca on d'Oude Liefde

Weeks passed.... and eventually we were close enough to land to hoist the Q flag.

Our approach to Ua Pou was exhilarating (and below)
Alex was thinking about a stern anchor - we needed a rope slice

We failed to set the anchor at Ua Pou....and tried not to look behind.

We finally we made landfall in Taiohoe Bay (Enki, centre)

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