Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Looking back on Fakarava

So this is the city - a haircut, wifi that (almost) works, fruit smoothies, French pastries, water and electricity on the pontoon,  and people like us here too.  We are awash with stimuli and good company.  Papeete is not a big place, but it's so much bigger than anywhere we've been since Panama city.

The photos I promised in the previous post are below. Sadly, I discover, we have no photos of Liza, but Martha, from Silver Fern, says she will email something to me in the fullness of time.

The south Fakarava pass is superlative for snorkelers and divers

The snorkelers - Marce and co

A perfect day for snorkelling past the old village of Tetamanu

The water is so clear, the coral endless (photos by Silver Fern)

Alex took this photo and the one below from above the water in the dinghy anchorage

Inside the church at Tetamanu (south Fakarava), built 1873

Beach barbecue at south Fakarava

Yet another beach barbecue made by Silver Fern in south-east Fakarava (Hirifa Point)

Lisa's beach bar at Hirifa Pt

The anchorage in behind Hirifa Pt

Enki on approach to Tahiti (below), with Moorea on the horizon (above)

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  1. It takes us back...sunset in the Tuamotus, landfall at Tahiti...and it all looks as good as ever.